I know Im almost done with my Lingering Paperwork project, but I just have to tell you how excited I am about next week! My “passion” is computers! I will be sharing some computer related tips that even newbies will understand.

Most people will say that they are addicted to their computers…like their email, their myspace/facebook, or just addicted to lurking online. However, there are some things that will make those activities just a little more enjoyable.

There are several topics for next week that are sure to get some of you motivated!
I will be going over virus protection, explaining defrag and scandisk, introducing you to new ways to organize your computer files, and helping you back up your files.

I know we wont get to every topic I would like to in just a week, but I hope to revisit them later on in the year.

I also have plans to give gentle reminders for those of you who wish to continue using the tips I will be providing next week. Like anything, sometimes we need to establish a routine in order to change habits.

I hope that at the end of next week, you will understand why we need to keep our computers organized also!