I dont think I have met anyone who likes paperwork (unless you are me!) And, unless its organized, you will dislike it even more.

One of the simplest things you can do to minimize the amount of paper shift, is to change some of the ways we treat our mail. Make sure that when you are going thru your mail, you are in your office space. This way, you can recycle your junk mail-sort thru your bills, and file any important papers.

My biggest help was to unsubscribe/cancel print editions of magazines. Many times you can visit a website, or receive digital magazines via email. This eliminates paper passing thru your home.

I have decided to break this project into 3 days. I will also be running the first part of my computer week series….

Tonight-we will keep it easy. We will just concentrate on what might be laying around your kitchen, living room, dining room and/or bedroom. This includes: magazines, newspapers, sale papers and any mail.

You will also need a box or paper bag to hold papers for recycling. If you have a paper shredder, thats even better.

First tackle any newspapers. This tends to be the quickest pile to go thru. I do not save newspapers unless its for something Historic. If you happen to have something you are saving for Historic purposes, please make sure to store it appropriately.

Any newspaper older than 2 days prior should be placed in the recycle pile. You should also read thru the more current papers as soon as possible, so you dont accumulate more lingering paperwork.

Next up is the magazines. I like to read my magazines during any down time I have. If you read before bedtime, you should place a basket of magazines near this area. Make sure that you go thru this collection once a week to ensure that magazines do not accumulate.

Throw any sale papers that are out of date into your recycle bin. Most sale papers are only good for the week they print.

You should have a pile of various assorted mail. Make sure that you make a decision about where each piece of mail will go. If its junk, then put it in the recycle bin-If its a bill, place it with all your bills-If its something to file, then file it–or make an “To File” file.

Homework: We will be making two piles: “Bills” and “To File”.
Collect all your bills and all the papers you need to file. I will be telling you how to keep organized with these lingerers tomorrow.