Most of us consider our vehicles our mobile office. Depending on what business you are in, you can spend most of your day in your car. Im lucky that I am not one of them.

No matter how much time we spend in our cars, we like them to be comfortable. We personalize them with bumper stickers and listen to our favorite tunes. We even get defensive if someone doesnt like the make or model we have, the color, or whatever bumper sticker is on it…

But no matter how much we love our cars, sometimes we “junk” them up. Sometimes our children “junk” them up. Lets see: McDs wrappers, candy wrappers, assorted cereal pieces, various small toys from fast food places, cards, gum wrappers…this list could really go on!

Adults tend to leave items in their cars as well…and Im not talking about a jackstand or jumper cables either!

The one Im most guilty of is leaving a jacket/hoodie in the van. After a couple days of this, there can be 3 hoodies in the van…I now make sure that once a week, I bring in whats left out there!

I find the easiest way to get rid of trash is while Im filling up my tank. I like to keep a few plastic grocery bags for this. While gassin up, I do a quick look and then start collecting-if theres a bag ready to get the heave—it goes right in the can right at the gas station.

Another thing to do when you fill up your tank is check the air pressure in your tires. Air pressure gauges are inexpensive and easy to use. Driving with the correct air pressure saves money.

If you are a parent, you spend alot of time waiting in your car….
Use this time to go thru your glove compartment or windex the windows.

If you just dont want to be seen windexing your windows waiting for your child — maybe do this while waiting for your car to warm up in the morning. I like to Armor Arm the dashboard when its warming up.

Once your vehicle gets clean and straighted, put a bag in the back and tell the kids to throw the trash in there. If theres no place to toss it, it will end up on the floor.

If you need to keep items in your vehicle for business purposes, I suggest keeping them in a tote in the trunk. Not only will they be “hidden” but if there is ever a leak, your items remain dry.

Business items can vary, but make sure that your vehicle isnt becoming “storage”. Items in your vehicle should be those you use often and therefore are current.

There are some items that you MUST keep in your car: jumper cables, jackstand, tire iron, flashlights, blanket, flares etc. Many stores like Pep Boys and even Walmart carry these kits.

Once you make it a routine to do these small things, it will become a habit. I just hope you arent like me and want to clean out other peoples vehicles while they are filling up!!

And just for your information, I havent done that in years – so unless you have a Lambourghini or Porsche – I aint goin for a ride!