I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. Since changing some of the financial obligations of celebrating Christmas, we had a most relaxing day.

I may blog about how to change those obligations, since it adds to the meaning of Christmas instead of going into debt. But, before I do that, I must get something off my chest…something that has been bothering me for some time now.

I have noticed recently (within the past 5 years) that Christmas decorations are less Christmas-and more ridiculous.

Here are some violators:

* blue lights – Unless you have green, red, yellow, white, you should not have blue. Decorating your house or yard with blue lights does NOT make me think of Christmas. It makes me think you are depressed.

* characters inside snow globes OR any other type of blow up decoration – These things make me crazy. Some of these do not even contain Christmas-like scenarios. For the amount of electricity these things consume-you could have lights all over the place! The other issue with these type of decorations is that when they are not “up” they lay in a pile on the front lawn. Not attractive!

* Nativity sets that do not use Biblical characters. Mickey Mouse playing Joseph is WRONG! Minnie Mouse as Mary is WRONG! If you are going to have a Nativity scene, please stay true.

* The reason for the season is NOT Santa. Really….you didnt know that?

* Unless you live on Baltimore’s Christmas Street, you should not insist on having decorations on every inch of yard. Its just tacky especially if there is no “theme”.

* Decorations saying “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” – Come on…if you decorate for Christmas, why are you being so politically correct? Your friends, who may not share your religious beliefs really shouldnt be offended…I mean, you dont expect to see the same types of decorations in a Jewish friends home.

* This really isnt a decoration, but – Christmas songs with words changed
(for example – “Silent Night, Holy Night” changed to “Silent Night, Regular Night”)

* While I am talking about songs….I love Christmas music at Christmas. I do not like to hear it non stop BEFORE Thanksgiving. I would like to be able to enjoy one holiday before another thrusts itself in my face. Do like most of us do–the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving to the first weekend in January.

* Speaking of enjoying holidays….for some of my friends, I ask that you please attempt to hide the fact that you dont take your decorations down all year! I have friends (and you know if this is you!) who have led me to their house by telling me, you cant miss it-it has the Christmas lights on it–in July.

* And my last one, well, Im sure will make some of my friends will be mad.
Before you think about commenting me on this, hear me out — Unless you have them synchronized-its gonna look horrid. Seriously-your roof blinks and your porch blink, and your bushes blink…problem is — 4 or five strands on each thing blink and you kinda cant tell what its supposed to be lighting up….(I have the same issue with blinking Christmas trees) And those chaser lights – need I say seizure?

I am very sorry if Ive offended anyone….personally-Ive been guilty of one of these–but saw the error of my ways!

Well, Im off to “un-Christmas”. Gonna do little bits at a time tho-dont want to wear myself out.
Comments are of course, welcome….but please keep it polite.