Wow! I cannot beleive that it has been 3 weeks since Ive blogged. Weve all had bouts with whatever form of ick went around…Matts even gotten sent home from school a couple times.

Anyway, I really didnt want to blog about anything political – so Ive kept my blogging mouth shut!

So, after accomplishing almost everything on last year’s resolution list, I am definately aiming a little higher this year. Im going to change some habits and truly be organized!

Here they are:

1) I will complete the organizing of my photo albums. I made it from 1971 to 2003 last year, so I feel that this resolution should be a breeze.

2) I will organize my recipes. I have so many loose ones plus duplicates from previous attempts. I hope to start this project by March.

3) I will keep the linen closet un-cluttered. This is a no-brainer.

4) I will go thru old files / old magazine scraps at least once a week. I went 6 months without doing it last year. I hope to keep up on it better this year.

5) We will begin recycling aluminum. Last year I resolved to recycle paper, and I have become a paper nazi (sorry about the descriptive word-If it offends, I am sorry)

6) I will drink at least one bottle of water a day. Every bottle drank will replace a caffeinated drink.

7) I will make sure to take 15 minutes EVERY morning to stretch and warm up. This is mostly because of my joint pain, and I realize that I have to strech every morning, not just the ones I feel pain.

So, do you think Ive aimed too high? What are your resolutions?
I am finally done with decorating! Just got odds and ends before Christmas Eve!