Lost Theory – Part III – Groundhogs?

This is Part III of my three part Lost theory. This theory ties in all my ideas (minus the retelling of the Lost series) and presents the Lost story as a whole. It’s a little lengthy, but please read all of it.

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? Bill Murray’s character relives the same day until he does it right. My theory runs along the same lines…

If you take everything you have seen during the series of Lost, you can see a few “oddities” Things that just on the surface seem out of place. Think about what you have seen, playing over and over in a loop. Every decision affecting everything else, including what you have ALREADY seen.

Since it IS Lost canon that Desmond time traveled after the hatch blew up, we CAN factor in that you can attempt to change the past. We also know that Mrs Hawking stressed to Desmond that things have a way of “course-correcting”. I want the idea of “course-correcting” at the front of your mind.


In Part I, I stated that Charlie Pace is important to my theory. All in all, Desmond can only prevent the inevitable for so long. I also noted that death has been looking for Charlie since the flight itself. If Charlie had died earlier, who else could have “broke that code”? If he would have died earlier, they would not have been able to contact the freighter.

Think about every decision involving Charlie Pace. We know that he swum to the Looking Glass station….so why didn’t he save Joanna from drowning earlier? Charlie claimed he “didn’t swim”.

Unfortunately, (?) EVERY decision led to the freighter coming, being blown up, and more lives lost….oh-and an island that has mysteriously vanished.


In Season 4, we see a flashback of Daniel Faraday watching a news report stating that the Oceanic Flight 815 was found at the bottom of the ocean. This news made him visibly upset.

Since we won’t know what happens to Daniel Farraday (unless you read spoilers – and I haven’t) until Lost comes back on, we can only imagine what he’s experienced.

If the island vanished into the past, is Faraday upset that the island isn’t there when the plane crashes? Where will Oceanic Flight 815 crash?


Before coming to the island, Juliet was able to impregnate her sister, Rachel. (I believe that Rachel and her son are who Jack hears crash on the bridge in the Season 3 finale)

Juliet has been on the island 3 years when Oceanic 815 crashes. We last see Juliet on the beach drinking Dharma Rum watching the smoke from the freighter explosion.

If the island has disappeared into the past, we can speculate that she may have continued to experiment on solving the island’s fertility issues. Depending on how far into the past the island went, we can speculate that Juliet could have injected this “serum” into John Locke’s mother, thereby making him “special”. This would also explain why Richard Alpert visited John when he was a child.

We can also speculate that Juliet could have impregnated any one of the Oceanic Six’s parents, thereby making all of them “special”.


We have seen connections between Charles Widmore, Ben Linus, and the Paik family. We can only guess at some of the connections between Ben Linus and Charles Widmore, but we DO know that Ben will be looking to even the score between them.

We know that Sun bought a controlling interest in Paik Industries, and has approached Charles Widmore-stating common interests. Is she referring to Demond & Penny, or some type of rivalry among Widmore and Paik?

We have been led to believe that Paik Industries built the Black Rock and has some type of connection to the construction of the hatches that are scattered on the island. If this is true, then we can begin to piece the connection between Paik and Dharma.


It is no secret that Sun’s father has no respect for Jin. He allows him to marry his daughter on the condition that he work for Paik Industries. We find out that the reason Sun and Jin are in Australia catching a flight to California, is for Jin to deliver 2 watches for Paik. Prior to the flight, Sun is “plotting” to leave Jin – a fact that I find important….If Sun leaves Jin, she misses Flight 815 and does not crash on the island. This leads me to believe that Paik may be trying to “get rid of Jin”.


Penny’s father did not approve of Desmond. Desmond feels compelled to prove his worth to Penny (who constantly tell him he doesn’t have to). Through a set of events, he acquires a boat, and enters a boat race to “get his honor back”. He eventually crashes onto the island, and enters the code in the Swan hatch. While we see that Desmond and Penny reunite….we wonder how long it will be before Charles Widmore finds out.


Since the first appearance of the Smoke Monster, we have been attempting to guess at what it is, and what its purpose is. We know that it can manifest itself in a physical way – such as pulling the pilot out of the plane, dragging Locke thru the jungle, throwing Eko into the air….

I believe that the Smoke Monster is the ISLANDS way of course correcting. We have also seen Ben “summon” the smoke monster.


Ben Linus certainly has a way about him….he can manipulate ANY situation, and seems prepared for any outcome. Even when Ben turns the “frozen donkey wheel,” and leaves the island, never able to return – he seems to have it all under control.

This leads me to believe that Ben has the ability to remember the outcomes of time loops. If Ben has the ability to remember all the outcomes, and has the power to “summon” the smoke monster, what other island mysteries can he manipulate?


We are left with the suspicious death of Jeremy Betham (John Locke). Betham spent much of his last days, speaking with each of the Oceanic Six, explaining to them why they must come back to the island….claiming “Bad Things Happened”

It is my belief that Betham is not dead, but has been bitten by the Medusa spider, rendering him paralyzed. It is not known if anyone other than Nikki, Paulo and Dr Artz knew about this spider, so the belief that he is dead-with the cover story that he hung himself, could be important.


It is unclear at this time, to know what occurred on the island after the Oceanic Six are rescued. However, the involvement with Widmore, Linus, and Abaddon certainly make the situation seem dire on all accounts.

The comment that ALL of the Oceanic Six MUST come back leads me to believe that upon their return, they must make different CHOICES.


If you think about this (without having your head explode) you may notice that in the Pilot episode, their IS significance of Jack and Kate NOT being on the beach. It is my belief that the Pilot episode IS the Oceanic Six’s return to the island.

Each of the characters MUST make different choices in order to survive. Should they attempt to locate the transponder? Should they save Charlie? Should they attempt to get off the island? Would the Others look upon the Losties differently if they weren’t continually working against them-instead, protecting the island.


So we have all heard the whispers….I believe that the whispers are “warnings” FOR the Losties. These whispers usually precede some type of event, and are normally heard backwards. MAYBE these whispers are OUR Losties in another loop.

In the fun that is the movie, Groundhog Day….these events MUST be changed for the story to end on a HAPPIER note!