Lost Theory – Part II – Things We Have Only Seen A Glimpse Of

This is Part II of my three part Lost theory. Some of the things I will mention, you may believe are known. What I write may change some of your perspective.

Glimpses – Pertaining to My Theory

Let me begin by thanking everyone involved in bringing Science Fiction back to prime time. The Science Fiction genre is immersed within a character driven drama, and clues are hidden all throughout the series, making fans rabid.

All the characters on the island are struggling with their pasts. In some ways, they are truly facing their demons. Each character has their own secrets, and in some cases, has confided in someone else on the island. There is a common theme regarding fathers in this series.

There are many things that we have seen glimpses of…ghosts, time travel, pregnancy issues, dreams. As with the characters, everything is intertwined…we just need to find the common thread.

We know that Mrs Hawking stressed to Desmond that things have a way of “course-correcting”. This leads into my Part III, so I won’t go into any detail on this one here.

We again, need to go back to the beginning. At least the beginning for US.

We begin seeing a close-up of Jack Shepard’s eye. It is unknown what is reflected in his eye, but I do believe Jack was placed there by it before he regained consciousness.

Not only did this episode begin with a close-up of Jack’s eye, but many have begun in this manner. I was told at an early age, that the eye is the window to your soul. We are seeing something significant-but not any real explanation.

I have also come to believe that Kate was not on the beach. She is not seen when the rest of the survivors are running from the plane after the crash.

This alone is very important. Why aren’t they on the beach? There are clues that the smoke monster is reflected in Jacks eyes. Is that how he got there? We have been led to believe that the smoke monster yanked the pilot out, pulled Locke thru the jungle, and killed Eko.

Many references to literature can be noted when watching Lost. Specifically, the book, Alice in Wonderland-Through the Looking Glass. My observation with TTLG is that once Charlie flipped that switch, it was as if the characters on the island changed personalities.

The biggest observation of this is when Sawyer and Jack are at the helicopter in Season 4s finale, Sawyer is concerned for Hugo (no nickname) and Jack says the SOB. You also see Kate change from being completely on the run, never settling down become a mother to someone else’s child. There are many more if you are looking for this.