Lost Theory – Part I – What We Know

The fans have been told by Damon and Carlton that clues are found in the Pilot episode. Most people who watch Lost are not casual watchers…we are rabid! Many fans have watched Seasons 1 – 4 repeatedly to figure out what is going on with the Losties. Even though I came late to Lost, I count myself among the rabid fans.

After reading many theories that you would need a scientific degree to understand….I thought I would give my theory a try.

I would like to stress that my theory has NOTHING to do with proving our Losties were not on the plane. In fact, you’ll see why they all have to be on the plane and why Jack cannot get back to the island by without every one of the Oceanic 6.

My theory is in three parts: What We Know, Things We Have Only Seen a Glimpse Of, and Groundhogs?

What We Know – Pertaining to My Theory

Let me start at the beginning:
We start out being introduced to Dr. Jack Shepard, a spinal surgeon. We first see Jack lying in the jungle being woke up by Vincent-Walt’s dog. Next to him we see a green “baton” (similar to Ben’s when we see him lying in the desert.) as well as a flashlight. We do not see him in possession of these items on the airplane. Notice that Jack is not among the rest of the survivors on the beach.

You should also note that Jack has taken a couple flying lessons, but it wasn’t for him. We see that Cindy, the flight attendant who later lives amongst the “Others”, gives him an extra bottle of liquor, to which Jack responds, that it is against several FAA regulations. It is plausible that Cindy has a hidden agenda when it comes to giving Jack the liquor and then being suspicious of Charlie.

After tons of drama and action, with those on the beach being rescued from immediate peril, Jack attempts to stitch himself up, when he sees Kate. Notice that Kate was not on the beach, nor was she walking from it. Kate assists Jack by sewing him up. Is it a coincidence that Jack had those bottles?

Jack, Kate and Charlie locate the transceiver in the cockpit. They speak to the pilot before the smoke monster yanks him out of the wreckage. It seems as if Kate “knows” what the smoke monster is capable of. She later asks Charlie-“Did you see it?” and she is completely terror stricken.

Charlie Pace went with Jack and Kate because he almost threw away his drugs while in the bathroom. He is going to see if they are still there.

Part of my theory centers around the importance of Charlie Pace. Desmond informed Charlie many times that he was going to die. While watching from the beginning knowing what I know, it seems as if death is looking for Charlie ever since the flight itself.

It seems odd to me that Cindy is suspicious of Charlie on the plane. Granted, what he was doing was annoying, but not reason enough to chase someone through a plane. Since Cindy later turns up with the “Others”, it is plausible that Cindy was trying to get Charlie in the section of the plane that would have no survivors. In fact, Charlie almost dies on the beach from flying plane debris.

On the island, Charlie befriends Claire Littleton, a single-but pregnant woman. Claire gets kidnapped by the “Others” (Ethan) and Charlie is left hanging in the woods.

While watching that particular episode, I was left wondering why Jack and Kate are so upset when they find Charlie. I know it may seem a little heartless, but the Losties just met Charlie….why did it upset them so much? Even upon watching these episodes repeatedly, this reaction does not seem normal. Do they know how important he is?

Charlie also befriends Hurley. There are many things I still haven’t figured out about Hurley’s story. We know that he feels responsible for a deck collapse and spent some time at Santa Rosa Mental Institute. Libby, a survivor of the tail-section, also was seen at Santa Rosa. We know that after the Oceanic 6 get off the island, Hurley sees Charlie and ends up back at Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa also pays a role in John Locke’s life. His mother, Emily, is said to have been a patient. John is healed upon the crash of Oceanic 815. He becomes someone the Losties can count on, even though his tactics are scrutinized and he eventually loses their trust. We see several changes in John Locke, and the most recent change is becoming the leader of the “Others”. John Locke will become central to the island’s survival.

As we all know, everything we see on Lost has a purpose…fans were perplexed when introduced to Nikki and Paulo. I believe that the reason for Nikki and Paulo are to really introduce us to the Medusa spider. This spider is known to render its victims paralyzed for a period of time. I also believe that John Locke (Jeremy Betham) has been bitten by this spider in order to convince the Oceanic Six into returning to the Island.

While I cannot ascertain whether or not my final thought is complete or even Lost cannon-it should be noted that there is a resemblance with Bentham’s casket and Christian’s casket. There are also some odd similarities between “White Rabbit” and our Season 4 Finale, “There’s No Place Like Home”. Go ahead watch them again.

Ill see you in Part II – Glimpses.