Lets be honest…you all know Im conservative. You all have your own opinions on what you think conservative means.
BUT, Ill give you a clue on how THIS conservative feels.

I am disgusted and repulsed about those “fellow” conservatives who feel that just because Obama won the Presidency, they need to “impeach” him.

First of all, how do you impeach someone who hasnt even took their oath of office?

None the less, the election process is done…finished….complete.
No matter who we voted for-we must get behind the one who DID get elected.

This means:

1-Stop calling for him to be impeached
2-Stop saying he is a muslim (most muslims that I know, are proud and wont deny)
3-Stop blaming specific people for the loss
4-Start praying for ALL who got elected
5-Pray harder for those you disagree with
6-Make sure you make your voice heard in a respectful and polite way
7-For my gop friends, instead of tearing each other down, build each other up

Oh, heres another one: STOP SAYING HE IS THE ANTICHRIST!
I wont even start here.

There are even some people who are “hoping” that something bad happens to the President-Elect. Apparently these people are not only racist but anti-American as well. It is never good for a country to have its leader hurt. In this case, there is a possibility of a civil war…and our country cannot afford to be divided at this historic time.

I want to congratulate Barack Obama-the MAN.
He fought the odds.
To my My african american friends, I congratulate you as well. Many of you who were apathetic got involved and are now seeing the fruits of your hard work.

I wish President-Elect Barack Obama well. I will continue to pray for him and his family along with our country. I would hope that those I know would join me.