Well, its November now, and I found the paper with my resolutions written on it.

I didnt do too bad.

1-Learn a new graphics program (nope, this one didnt happen. Im stuck on mic)
2-Reduce clutter (yep)
3-Keep linen closet straight (yep)
4-Keep closet clean and organized (yep)
5-Organize photos (in progress)

The only resolution I completely ignored was to learn a new graphics program. I totally love using mic. Maybe Ill learn a new program next year.

I have been organizing my photos since mid-October. So far, Im up to 2003. Not bad. Definately an improvement in the area they are contained.

Im looking ahead to 2009 and wondering what areas of my life need a kick start.
This year, Im posting my resolutions here, that way I dont lose the list!