Well, I decided to give the election a few days to sink in before doing my own analysis.

Congratulations are in order
First of all, congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama.
Here’s my take on his win and the republican loss:

This election was historic-no matter which side would have won. We would have the first black president or the first woman vice president. This fact alone brought out voters in droves.

Get out the vote!
The grass roots effort of the democrats was overwhelming. Ive seen those that I know who are mostly apathetic- perform voter registration drives, make phone calls and donate money to Obamas campaign. I dont beleive that if Hilary Clinton would have won the nomination, this grass roots effort would have been so large.

Meanwhile, the republican party also has an amazing base. Most do not realize this fact, because in most states, democrats outnumber republicans two to one.

Why the GOP lost
Republicans were split on MANY levels during this election cycle…”true conservatives” did not think McCain was conservative enough to represent the party, and he was “forced” to pick an unknown governor from Alaska as his running mate. I say McCain was forced to pick Palin because other names that were floated around were also viewed as not conservative enough (i.e. social issues)

Palin, while some thought she was not qualified, brought conservatives back to the party again. McCain enjoyed a boost in fundraising after picking Sarah Palin. As a matter of fact, many republicans werent even “paying attention” anymore until the pick of Palin was revealed.

We are done with HER! Lets rip her to pieces!
What is so surprising is now that the democrats won, republicans are now ripping Sarah Palin to pieces in the media. Werent they just complaining about how the democrats were treating Sarah Palin?

What I REALLY want to know
Had the republicans won, what would they be saying about Sarah Palin then?

Paging Senator McCain……
Why havent we heard from John McCain? Why isnt he defending her? Didnt HE pick her as HIS running mate?

Double standard?
How is it- that if democrats make a mistake (i.e. Biden & Obama) its just that….but if a republican makes a mistake, they are criticized beyond belief? (it makes me think how far I would really go in politics!!!)

Why the democrats won
1) President Bushs approval rating is in the hole.
2) Sheer numbers
3) Rumors
4) Slumping economy

Heres a short explanation of each:
1- President Bush started his Presidency with democrats coming off a tough loss. From there, we had 9/11 and the wars that occurred in the aftermath.
2- As stated above, democrats outnumber republicans two to one (in some areas, four to one)
3- Rumors abound concerning those involved in republican politics. (i.e. pregnancy of the vp candidates daughter)
4- Our economy is in trouble. Our deficit has grown by disgusting amounts – and this is also blamed on our current/outgoing administration.

Heres to the next four years
I do sincerely congratulate Barack Obama. I think he has accomplished something that most beleived would NEVER happen. Kudos to him for that.

Most of you know that I disagree with most of his agenda-
I also want EVERYONE of you to know that I have been praying for him and his family ever since I realized that he would be elected. I want NO harm to come to him.

I think those that wish to harm those who they disagree with, do not understand what it is to BE AN AMERICAN.

I am sickened by those who already want to “impeach” Obama and want to be friends of mine because they beleive that just because Im a conservative, Ill agree with them. This man hasnt even begun his term yet!

Here is a simple way to PEACEFULLY disagree.
Pray for the conversion of that person’s heart.
Make a phone call expressing your concern about the issue. BE POLITE!
Write letters expressing your concern about the issue. BE POLITE!
Write letters to the editor about the issues. BE POLITE!