So, I did my part and voted today- Have you?

I have had quite an exciting year. Im doing this from Nov-Nov because thats about the time frame involved.

So, last year – mid October-ish….after going to a race at Lincoln (missed all but 2 races because of my back-and were skipping my year of pain and recovery) — Frank and I started our weekly routine. That Monday, I came in from work and Frank said-“know what Im thinking?”

I replied, “Sell the house, move to PA?”

Well, the PA part is just a dream still, but I was dead on on the selling/moving idea.

So, by this time last year, we were painting, boxing, storing -to prep the house to show. BTW, our real estate agent—WONDERFUL and gets the job done! (Dont ride in a car with him tho) In two weeks, we had prepped and were showing the house.

Within 6 days, we knew we had an offer-we were asked to have the furnace and all checked-to see how much it would cost to convert into Central Air….(that was about $5,000) After careful consideration, we beleived that with the housing market facing what they were, we should adjust the asking price, and we were signing a contract on that 9th day.

So, last Thanksgiving, we were taking a vanload and truckload of stuff to the new place…..which, I should also tell you- we couldnt look for a new place until the house was inspected. (like one week) So we found the place and moved within that 2 week period.

We did have our usual Christmas here tho…Franks parents, brother, gmother, aunt and uncle. We moved into a wonderful house that has enough room for all of us to sit comfortable in the living room as well as in the dining room.

And this Halloween? My friends in Arbutus would be bored. Not ONE trick or treater! I was so relaxed, not having to walk anyone around or keep a handful of candy on me at all times…(For those of you not in Arbutus-we started at a measely 2 bags of candy….and we quickly learned that our neighborhood was a 12-pounder.)

I was able to watch a movie, uninterrupted. And then-go to bed!
And how nice, not to see parents dressing up their kids to beg for candy! Every rule I learned as a child was allowed to be broken on Halloween….not walking over someones lawn, not talking to strangers, not going to unknown houses.

Since the move I have:

—-learned things I NEVER knew about cows (some I wish I didnt know)
—-joined a wonderful church
—-been elected Secretary of the PTO (PTA)
—-truly downsized
—-I dont hear trains, fire engines, ambulances, police cars
—-I dont see brick, roads
—-I dont have a crazy neighbor who calls the cops 3 times on a 10 year olds birthday party because bubbles hit my fence