As an Economics major, I am surprised by how many people do not understand how our “money” equals debt.

Please take 47 minutes out of your day to watch this video on how the banking system REALLY works. Yall want real change? Do something to change THIS before it collapses and we have nothing!

I am reminded of a poster that hung in the copy room at a previous employer.

“I once dreamed of starving on this salary!”

Who among us hasnt said that they would be better off making more money an hour? I once made minimum wage and I used to think making $10 an hour would be so much easierand and — then I made $10 an hour! Are you really better off?

One of the highest paid jobs that I had ($24 an hour with great bennies) was really the worst place I worked at. The money was fantastic, but the working environment lacked personality.

I left that place to work for the Lord. Now granted, we all cant work for a church-but its easier to make less money (and work less hours) than deal with the stress of a job that is unsatisfying.