Im taking a time out from reality to review The Cure’s latest cd, 4:13 Dream.

I love this cd. Since purchasing it Thursday after work, I have listened to it pretty much non-stop. As I write this, its actually playing on my media player.

For those of you curious, I have included a few videos.

Underneath The Stars
A beautiful song. I have always loved long introductions when it comes to The Cure. It is such a “dreamy” song and the music itself is “lyrical”. I cant help but sway along.

The Only One
Snappy and catchy song…reminds me of “The End of the World”

The Reasons Why
Great hook! I love how the lyrics are “put together” Another “dreamy” song.

One of my favorite songs on this cd. This song makes me dance around! Guitars!

Sirens Song
This song is fantastic. I am reminded of “Jupiter Crash”

The Real Snow White
One of my favorite songs on this cd. It definately hooked me.

The Hungry Ghost
Most defintately my favorite song!


The Perfect Boy

This, here and Now, With You
The first time I heard this song, I really didnt like it. It definately grew on me. Frank still doesnt like it. The best and rhythm of the lyrics are fantastic.

Sleep When Im DeadI initially bought this cd because of this song. I love the guitar!

The ScreamThis song is fantastic. After Freakshow, this is next. The build up is awesome!
Again, guitar!

Its over
Other than the fact that you get thru the entire cd to this point without any cursing, the f-word is dropped twice.

I have decided that the perfect Cure concert would include the following songs:

The Kiss
The Promise
Never Enough
More than This
Like Cockatoos
Jupiter Crash

and of course, Letter to Elise