During the October 5th homily at St Josephs, Father Richard Villa said a most profound statement.”Your past AND present does NOT determine your future.”

This statement has weighed heavily on me since hearing it. My past has certainly shaped my ideals, as well as my experiences have helped me form my opinions. I am also of the belief that every person we “touch” affects us in some way.

However, if our past were to dictate where our lives would lead us, some of us would have no hope. Heres where it gets interesting though. SOME people who have had horrible pasts, overcome their obstacles and become better “well-rounded” people for it.

Those who are currently struggling–can get out of it.
I happen to be attending a Bible Study on Joyce Meyer’s “Battlefield of the Mind”. And it gets straight to the point! You HAVE to change your mindset before you can do ANYTHING!

You arent going to get outta that “funk” until you get it in your head FIRST.
You have to be able to “see” the end result in your mind.

And – you gotta JUST DO IT!