Gary, dont take this the wrong way, but I absolutely LOVE you!

First, I would like to publicly say, I do not condone attack ads – PERIOD. I am sick of them, sick of what they imply and seriously want to know HOW to make them STOP! I dont want to hear them ANYMORE! Both parties have attack ads, and yes, they imply horrid things about their competitor. Sickening, I tell you….Both parties have labeled each other according to the “word of the day” theory….one day, racist – the next, socialist-communist……

There isnt a day that goes by that I dont receive some type of “activist hate” email.
Example: Those emails spreading Obama’s muslim heritage (they always ask to send this on!) I for one, do not send them along, unless its to ask someone else their opinion concerning the email. I do not want to subscribe to the “fear mongering” and irrationality that does ensue.

I find myself insanely balanced in the middle with some of the labels thrown around.

  • Does the “economist” in me beleive that the democratic platform is leaning socialist? yes
  • Does the “conservative” in me beleive that McCain is a rino? yes
  • Does the “Constitutionalist” in me believe that our country is in trouble? yes

I could go on….

Our country is in trouble in many ways. Other nations do not respect our way of life….our answer? Change them? Change us?

I heard Obama say he was going to change the world– to me, that is a scary thought. Of course, I want the world to change – but I dont know if ANY of the politicians are able to do it. NONE of them have the “working man” view.

Obama has used the word “Change” in his campaign….however-Obama is one of the most liberal Senators-and votes to support his party. This is not change-we need someone who is WILLING to work across the aisle to really make necessary change.

My fear about this election has nothing to do with color. It has to do with issues. The sad fact is, that it really doesnt matter who “wins” – nothing REAL will occur as long as we hold onto “isms” and fear. Our country is wasting money on programs that do no good, and keep raising our taxes for programs that only sound good on the surface.