I am sure that this is a nightmare to hear for ANYONE who depends on public transportation to get to work.

Some people ride on public transportation as a necessity, others to do something good for the environment. As someone who travel on the roads everyday, I thank them for their assistance in relieving the congestion on the highways.

MTA is proposing some changes that will cut six bus routes (they are listed in the linked article), 2 commuter routes, and will end some routes earlier on the Penn MARC line. They are also proposing to reducing the amount of trains on the track, and cutting their Holiday Schedule.

I guess all those cars parked in the area park and rides will be on the roads with us. I thought the idea of utilizing public transportation was to reduce the amount of vehicles on our roads.

I guess we should be thrilled about attending public hearings, huh? Did they even listen at the last ones?

What are those who rely on public transportation going to do? Those without a car wont be able to get a loan….jobs will be lost….this list could get long.