Okay, first I need to say thank you to Gary. When thinking about what I was going to blog about today, I thought – hmm, why we blog. Gary happens to have this as his blog name….how appropriate a name. If you click above, it will take you to his blog. http://garyarthuryoung.wordpress.com/introductions/

Yesterday, while I was home- I was watching cable news. And I kept hearing these political commentators talk about the racism/sexism thing. So, I decided to blog, since I had so many thoughts in my head. (that and Frank tells me that they cant hear me when I yell at them)

What happened next was absolutely insane. Since posting both of those blogs, I have heard an earful….granted some people comment on the actual blog, but I received a few emails as well. My issue with sending a comment strictly thru email is – well, no one else can see em. I received 2 emails that were not pretty. One of them DEMANDED that I remove my blog. Now, I dont know how most people feel, but I will not remove this blog.


I have an opinion. I want to express my opinion in a non-threatening way. I have views. I want to express my views. I have yet to really identify with the views represented in the media. Until the government passes legislation that prevents me stating my own opinion, I will continue to blog.

I have a registered domain that hosts my website, including this blog. This hosting is not free, I pay for it. And, until someone else pays this bill, MY opinion is featured.

Someone with enough knowledge to read a blog and email a response, can certainly create their own blog. You know, where you put your opinion. You know what? I might just read it.

And, if you already have a blog, send me a link. Just because you disagree with me, doesnt mean I dont want to know what we CAN agree on. (btw, read that blog)

And to those who haven’t read thru my other posts, and who have formed an opinion on just that one post – shame!