EDITOR NOTE: There are some clarifications made: 10/14 4:29

This is bound to make some of my friends confused…..
Everyone on cable news is talking about isms…..racism, sexism-

This blog is a response to how the media (cable news) is covering race in the current election

As a 30-something white woman, I am told that I do not understand racism. I beg to differ. Granted, being white does factor in – but I do not see myself as a racist.

As anyone who knows me can attest, I have friends of many races and even have friends whose social, religious, and political perspectives are much different from my own. I do not always agree with them, but that is not what makes someone a racist.

For those who are interested, I currently work in Southwest Baltimore at a predominately black United Methodist Church. It is the best job Ive ever had-even though my pay scale does not reflect that. (I make good money considering I work for a church part-time) but who makes what they think they are worth?

Many of the conversations I have had with my (edit) democratic friends at my church and some of the members at the church where I work, (end) have been centered around Barack Obama, which is no surprise. Obama is a man who has loads of charisma. Something that many black men in politics HAVE to have.

My problem is: As a Christian Conservative, I cannot vote for Obama. He does not represent Christian social values-and while most people understand my opinion, many take it that Conservatives are racist.

And, while that may be true of some, it is not the general consensus that Conservatives are racist, we just want a candidate that we can relate to.

As someone who has a large circle of varying political, economic and religious friends….I cannot understand the opposite factor for many of them. Almost every single one of my black friends are simply voting for Obama, just because he is black.

Many of my black friends are PRACTICING Christians. I do not understand how those who go by the name and principles of most denominations, can vote for someone who does not support what they beleive in-but will vote for him simply because of his race.

It is my opinion, that THAT is what racism is.