The other ism is Sexism

Im just so sick and tired of hearing about sexism in politics. Of course, with a Hilary Clinton in the primary, and Sarah Palin in the general – this is a HUGE topic.

The difference I am referencing refers to how women are perceived based on party affiliation.

In the primary, Hilary was running for Prez. She gained support from many woman’s groups. When she did not win the primary, focus centered on whether or not, Obama was going to pick her for VP. When he did not pick her, those groups were “incensed”.

However, when it comes to Republican VP pick, Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin, the same groups that spoke publically regarding how important it was to have a WOMAN in the White House, now support the democratic candidate, who is a man.

She successfully cleaned up the corruption in Alaska, and really is there for the people. However, due to her party affiliation, she is treated like a monster.

Its no secret that the democratic and republican parties have their own sets of beliefs and values, but its now at all time low when we do not consider someone to be a woman just because we do not share the same beliefs.