Okay, Ive been thinking….how does one get the “favors” out of the election process? I have been telling my friends this idea, and they think it will never happen. (I know if it takes away money, it wont be popular)

But anyway, I wanted to post my idea before some yahoo who gets tv time says it. Just remember, you heard it here first.

Read on
The issue really is how to keep special interest OUT of our election process. Make it fair for everyone.

We all know that lobbyists and other special interest groups donate massive sums of money to political campaigns. And- we all know how long this election is taking. Its no wonder that campaigns on both sides of the aisle spend enormous amounts of money.

We need to do something about what the REAL reason is that Americans stay home instead of voting. Plain old APATHY. They dont care. Yes, that amazes me-but people know that politics is all about who spends and collects the most money.

Lets stop campaign donations PERIOD.
During the primary election, a certain amount of money is put aside so that it can be distributed among the 2 candidates of each party for each office sought.
Example: Governor (each party has 2 candidates)

Those winners obviously move onto the general election.
Now, heres a plan for equal footing and no special interest.

Each primary winner receives a set amount of money.
(I should tell you that this would be taxpayer dollars. The amounts needed would be set-without increases, with the exception of cases where representatives are added. This money would be included in our budget.) Each candidate would be allowed to purchase radio ads, tv ads, and newspaper ads. Campaign ads would not be as expensive, since there is a limited amount of money for the candidates to spend.

No campaigning would be done until 45 days before the election. You will also notice that I did not include yard signs or bumper stickers (and other misc campaign items). These items are costly for many campaigns these days, and after any election, are thrown in the dump.

Campaign mailers will be a thing of the past. The cost of postage is expensive anyway, and it usually requires alot of coordination of campaign volunteers.

This would ease the burden of work needed and focuses the election on the issues and not who has the nicest mailing, the prettiest yard sign etc. Our country focuses on the wrong things.

We need to stop allowing special interest groups and lobbyists to ruin our election process.
Your thought are welcome.