Please read the article linked in the title.

I am not sure what to think about this story. Normally, Ill read something and have a definate “take” on it. This story is different.

Short version:
Ms Polk, who is 90, decided to ignore foreclosure proceedings. She ignored visits to her home with the exception of removing notes left from the deputies trying to serve her the eviction notice.

Deputies attempted to communicate with Ms Polk at least 30 times with no luck.
Apparently, a neighbor climbed into a second story window and found that Ms Polk had shot herself twice in the chest.

Friday, Fannie May decided to “forgive” her loan, and gave her the house outright-stating it was “the least they could do, given the circumstances”.

My take:
I feel for this woman who chose to attempt to end her life instead of finding some type of program to help her.

My problem is that Ms Polk has been mentioned by Dennis Kucinich. If others have issues such as Ms Polk, will they attempt the same way out? Will mortgage companies keep forgiving loans if people attempt suicide?