My friend, Gary has written the above-linked blog.

Gary and I went to school together, but we have different visions. From the blogs of his that I have had the opportunity to read, they are very well written-and very put together. However, I do disagree with his “take”.

So here is my response (and since my name was mentioned, feel its necessary)

I must confess that John McCain is not my first choice for President. I was torn between Sam Brownback and Ron Paul. However, the voters chose McCain in the primary, so that is the hand the Republicans have been given.

I for one, was NOT excited about this election until McCain chose someone who has similar values as my own. I had heard several rumors that Rudy Guliani would be the pick – which I did not especially support. I respect Rudy for what he did after 9/11, but he is not a social conservative. Sarah Palin energized the Republican base just on that fact alone.

Gary stated that the Republican Party represents a certain platform, and while that is true….it is also known that democrats outnumber us almost 2 to 1. This statistic alone prevents Republican elected officials from seeing their agendas advanced. (And to steal a quote, not to be snarky) This also makes those elected democrats happy.

What has occurred in the last 8 years has almost been unavoidable. After 9/11 most Americans wanted to retaliate against those responsible…and it wasn’t just Bush who beleived that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

And while I am not especially fond of war (remember I AM pro-life), I have to allow our government to pay our military for being there. Our soldiers have families that they have left behind to fight for freedom, whether you support the war or not.

I agree that there has been corruption and scandal on BOTH sides. Anyone who claims one side is “pure” is lying. Our economy is just the start….Right now those WE elected to serve as OUR representatives are not listening.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, instead of figuring out WHY our economy is the way it is…they are “bailing” those banks and companies out. Why isnt anyone investigating the business practices that led us to this downfall? I dont care if its a democrat or republican to blame, the taxpayers shouldnt be responsible to pay for their mistakes. Are our elected officials hiding something? We dont even know, because the public has not been given an opportunity to take part in the process.

Moving on to the next part of Gary’s blog, we are asked if we feel that Sarah Palin is qualified. Honestly, none of the candidates on either side can be called qualified.

Obama and Biden both have “shady” pasts….Obama, who is running for President of the United States refuses to wear a flag pin among other things because he does not want to appear to be partial-doesnt want to play favorites. Seriously! Isnt the President supposed to be partial to the USA? Biden has plagarized material, and has some major snafus when speaking. Neither one respects life enough for me personally. Obama wont even support children born during abortion procedures.

McCain on the other hand, ruined campaign finance. (in my opinion) I will address that in a future blog. I wont go farther…since the democrats do enough bashing. Sarah Palin’s only REAL problem is the Bridge to Nowhere. Since I am not nearly knowledgeable on this subject, I wont go into detail.

Gary also brings up the issue of race. Its no secret that Obama is black….no big deal there. And while he beings up a valid point that Keyes is a loon (I do agree with him there) there are many black Republicans that arent loony.

There is one black Republican that everyone in the state of Maryland should know…Michael Steele, former Lt. Governor. I personally know and respect Mike, hes a great guy and shares the values I deem important. But, because he is a Republican (pro-life as well) he is not considered “black” by many of his peers. I have been told by many of my black democratic friends that they wouldnt vote for Mike because he was a Republican and even said that they dont consider him black enough.

Now, its no secret that I am a white woman, but I have no clue WHY they say that about him.

Again, the bailout…
Gary-heres your explanation-in simple terms

Banking institutions were “asked” to change their lending practices so that more Americans (there were also rumors of illegal aliens also) could own homes. Sounds like a good idea…right? Well, no. These banks allowed people to obtain morgages without proving they could afford them. Some never even proved they were gainfully employed. This led to several problems-as Im sure you are aware. Many could not afford their house payments, which led to defaulting on mortgage loans, and finally foreclosures.

The possibility of a depression could occur, however, in order to get to a depression, our economy MUST have two straight down quarters (this is a recession). Believe it or not, that hasnt happened yet.

Mass unemployment, skyrocketing prices are all effects of a recession and depression.
Of course, then comes other problems associated with recesssions and depressions….which is mass crime.

A loan should be hard to get. You should have to prove you can afford to repay a loan without defaulting.

I hope that answers your questions.