Its been awhile since I have posted a new blog…Ive been working on my Lost theory-Besides, there really hasnt been anything in the news that has caused my blood pressure to rise….until now.

Because of the increase in local traffic accidents-and parking lots where you drive…Ive been listening to talk radio to hear the updates so I know how to get to work on time. While listening Friday morning, the above-mentioned article came on.

I remember back when OJ was on trial for the murder of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. Goldman’s family sued him on a civic level and won. There was an inventory of some sort done at OJs house. During this time, OJ claimed that several items were stolen.

Among these items, are items that are said to be items OJ was “getting back” in Las Vegas. Unfortunately for OJ, he has associated himself with the wrong people-whom he has said double-crossed him.

I have done a small survey of those I personally know. I will admit that I am the ONLY one out of about 10 of us who believe that OJ was innocent on the Simpson-Goldman murders. Among us, there is not ONE of us who believe that OJ is guilty in Vegas. Everyone of us now KNOWS that OJ will NOT get a fair trial now that this trial has an all-white jury. The fact that there are two black alternate jurors, will NOT be a factor at all.

Those calling into talk radio even believe that these jurors are more inclined to convict because a predominant percentage of whites think OJ got away with murder before. What do you think?