While lurking on the Williams Grove Speedway message boards-as I usually do….I heard about this amazing race a couple of Fridays ago.

During the final laps of the A-Main on August 22nd, Fred Rahmer and Brian Monteith were racing for the lead. Coming down the backstretch, Fred made contact with a lapped car, and — let’s just say, it’s hard to beleive what occurred. Fred never missed a beat – never slowed down – and won the race.

Now, I am really not one who purchases tapes of races-since I would rather attend with that money. Matter of fact, I have 3 or 4 tapes that I purchased from SportsPlus Video and 2 that I taped when TNN came to the Grove for an Outlaw race…we made signs.  http://www.sportsplusvideo.com/

Anyway, after hearing this amazing save from those I know who were at the Grove (and on the backstretch) I HAD to get this race and see for myself. It is a “miracle” that Fred saved his car after riding up the lapped car. Those who were on the backstretch could actually see the bottom of his car. Fred NEVER slowed, racing Monteith for the lead.

Now, I don’t consider myself to be a Rahmer fan, but all I can say is….what a talented driver! Cheers to him on the win. He certainly desrved it.

Another cheer to Fred for the mention of Jeff Shepard. I know the entire racing community wishes him well, but it is special when a fierce competitor recognizes someone.