I, like so many others in the USA, will never forget September 11, 2001. Those images are burned into my memory, in the same manner that my g-parents and parents remember Kennedy’s assasination in the 60s.

Back in 2001, I was generally “doin my own thing”. I was working for what is now CCBC-Catonsville as a Database & Records Specialist for their Continuing Education Department under the Dean. (I designed and then trained people how to use the database) I received a call from Frank informing me about the first plane. Of course, EVERYTHING shut down except for the county schools. My mother-in-law (RIP) went and picked up the kids from the elementary and middle school.

I found myself sitting on the couch, riveted – as well as repulsed – by what I was witnessing. As more details came throughout the day, I began to “simmer”. Long story short, I became very active politically. My local political club started a flag waving every day, which continued for several months. It became monthly once daily wavings weren’t possible for many club members.

Now it is 2008 and it has been 7 years that the club has been waving the flag on that overpass. Those who are able to come-show up, and those out of town or working show up when the 11th is on a weekend.

Many who drive by honk or wave. It gives you a sense of one-ness – We are Americans!
There are some however, that apparently do not like seeing our flag…this past month (July) a state police officer stopped and threatened arrest if they didn’t leave because an anonymous complaint was made stating they were in the streets.

First, if you need to remain anonymous you are a coward. None of the club members are in any way violent or abusive. For crying out loud, most of them are older. There is no need to lie and get innocent people threatened with going to jail. How disrespectful of a former Navy captain! Have you NO class at all?

Secondly, are you out of your mind? If you are in America-which Maryland still is- why are you so offended by a few people standing there, holding a flag? If that offends you, let me be the first to say –


I am proud to be an American, no matter if our country is — screwing up-at war-disagrees with me on moral issues. This list could go on.

I am also proud to have been: a part of the PVRC- As member, Secretary, Committee Chair or Member, Webmaster. I spent 8 years or so being involved in a club that would choose to show our patriotism in this manner – and I am proud that the “tradition” continues.

Thankfully, nothing like this occurred August 11th. Besides those who were flag waving, the only other person to show up was a reporter Рnot a cop.  http://www.explorebaltimorecounty.com/community/2244/waves-support-patriotic-display-11th-month/