Don’t worry – You won’t see any viral videos here.

Let me just set up the situation…..last night I got the Rick Astley song stuck in my head. I have NO idea how it got there…but that’s always the case when a particular song gets stuck on repeat.

I commented something along the lines of — “Man, who RickRolled me?” I hear in response- “What are you talking about?”

Now, we live in the same house…pretty much watch the same shows…and I heard about it.

During my initial shock, I said, Now your going to tell me you never heard of -and then I referenced some other viral videos. – Now we both watch Best Week Ever where they made fun of all the reaction videos – how did he miss this?

Well, he not only hadn’t heard of that video, along with several others – he didn’t even remember them being mentioned.

So, I went and got my daughter – who then proceeded to RickRoll him!

I have no idea how this “fad” started. Granted Rick Astley’s song WILL get stuck in your head…but who coined the term RickRoll? And to that end, who started faking people out?

Regarding viral videos….why do these people do what I have heard they are doing in these videos? And who got the idea to video reactions to the video? Even if you don’t watch the actual video, the reaction videos will tell you how horrifying some of them are.