I was pleasantly pleased to see EVERY driver collecting money for Jeff Shepard. This is one of the reasons I love this sport so much. The entire racing community comes together to support their own when something occurs.

While at Lincoln on Saturday, I stopped by the YCRC trailor. I was talking to them about those of us donating to honor Jeff – even though the money goes to all YCRC members. During the first Legend feature, there were a page and a half of names donating in Jeff’s honor….by the time they had their heats, there was a considerable amount of racing fans supporting our injured drivers.

Vicki Leppo and Debbie Rahmer both told me that next week, they will be passing the helmet.

I have to say, support for Jeff has been overwhelming. I can only imagine that Shepards garage and Helen and Judd’s mailboxes will be overflowing. Fans have been wearing Shepard shirts to show their support.

Even though there are times when fans and drivers disagree, we can all come together at times like this.