Well, it started with the rising cost of fuel.

Many jurisdictions in our country have implemented four day work weeks, as well as four day school weeks. I have heard that some jursidictions in the state of Maryland may seek this solution to save on costs. Amazingly, loads of money is saved JUST on bus costs by this one day off.

Some companies have also implemented this strategy as well….now, I’m not privy to which day employees have off, but I would guess it would be a Monday or Friday. All jokes aside, companies state that this change has made their employees happier.

Of course, who wouldnt want to get a day off? Am I still getting paid? Of course, they are still getting paid, otherwise they probably would NOT be happy. Telecommunication….what a wonderful thing.

People who work have loads of stressful things that they have to deal with – and most occurs BEFORE walking through the door of their employer.

Let’s just start with how most days begin: getting your family ready and out the door, personal grooming for those who don’t prepare, did you need gas? traffic issues.

Who really wants to deal with the stresses that you must deal with in order to work or last minute things that could have been done the night before that were forgotten?

A four day week would solve some of these stresses…the gas and traffic issues alone are well worth staying home, but ONLY if you are getting paid to.