I have tried to avoid this story, as this entire subject matter frightens me. I remember being young in the 80s afraid of the Cold War. After President Reagan said, “Tear down these walls” things were looking up. No one talked about WWIII anymore in regards to Russia.


Granted, the war in both Afghanistan and Iraq bring back those feelings. No one can fully understand a person who would knowingly leave their family behind to become a suicide bomber…Most people that I know had feelings that this would bring about WWIII.

These feelings have mostly subsided because of the growing ideology that the war is bad and we need to bring our troops home as well as it being almost 7 years since 9/11.

However, Russia has invaded Georgia…and now has conducted a full scale ground invasion. Apparently, Russia claims ethnic cleansing – but in reality, doesn’t appreciate the democracy occurring in Georgia. Between the obvious political ramifications, we now are faced with an almost for certain increase in fuel because of the strategic location of a major pipeline. Some timing, huh – right as our costs are decreasing…..hmmm

Now, we all know I have no inside information on this….this is primarily MY opinion, but –
How did Russia coordinate this offensive so quickly? They HAD to have planned this. Military operations do NOT happen overnight.

Scores of citizens in Georgia are without homes, their hospital has been damaged with patients in a basement with no running water…..many dead – Granted, this is par for the course during war, but Russia will not back down and they are not heeding cease-fire. What needs to happen is real consequences for Russia –

Even with our government condemning Russia, nothing has been said what will happen if they do not stop their invasion. And this is where fear plays in….will this be the start of WWIII?

Mayans claim the “end of the world” by 2012…..Are we on our way there?