A little more fun on a Monday morning:

I was recently listening to WBAL radio and they were discussing fashions women should avoid. Unfortunately, according to them, I am a fashion victim (i.e. capris and big sunglasses). I know it wouldn’t be a first time that mainstream media picked on some women’s favorite items however, I think it’s time to turn the tables a little bit.

Here are my 5 items that men should avoid wearing:

1: Thongs – I beleive that women should avoid these as well. Thongs are uncomfortable as well as unflattering.

2: Sandals with socks – Now, I really don’t like a man in sandals, but I really don’t understand why the socks. If you are wearing sandals, you do not need to wear socks too.

3: Black socks pulled up to the knee when wearing shorts – Did you look in a mirror? Unless you are a senior citizen, this look is not for you.

4: Hawaiian shirts – Please do not make our eyes crazy unless you are on vacation in Hawaii.

5: Camo: The ONLY time this is okay to wear is if you are in the service or hunting. If you are not either, please do not wear camo. It is NOT a fashion statement.

Now, these are only my personal opinion, but if you have items that I missed, please comment! If you have an argument with any of the items on my list….explain.