Just a quickie update on a story I blogged about earlier.

PG County Police Chief High issued a statement stating the Mayor and his wife were innocent victims, clearing their names. He also stated that he regrets the killing of their two dogs.

But no apology was made.  http://www.wbaltv.com/news/17137535/detail.html

I won’t get back into the details of this story-I’m still upset about the way the police handled this situation. I could not even get away from this story, as it is being discussed on cable news and on blogs from those outside of the state of MD.

The police were wrong to even go into the house in the manner they did. They were not supposed to force their way in. If they would have followed “the book”, this family would not have suffered through this grief.

I am glad that they have their names cleared for the crime they were unknowingly involved in, but a formal apology is necessary, especially with all the press this story is getting. I am also thankful that the further victimization by the police is known. The people that were further victimized by police after suffering from identity theft in this case, were not criminals with records wanted for violent crimes – they were both upstanding citizens in the community.

If the police “brutalize” a family like this (elected official-to boot), what are they going to do to the rest of us who aren’t in positions such as this?