As most of you know, I attend sprint car races. I have had the opportunity to spend time with some of the drivers in the pits at various tracks that I have been to. Normally, if its my first time at a racetrack, I spring for pit passes. I have even gotten the opportunity to do the BEST thing ever — stand atop a hauler with a race team I admire for an entire race season.

During my time as a racefan, Ive noticed alot of drivers come up through the ranks and have been lucky enough to meet them BEFORE they went to Nascar. (i.e. Kasey Kahne at Williams Grove)

Now onto my topic:
I want to stress that the only information I have is what has been posted on the web by Brad Vores. I consider Brad a legitimate source and thank him for posting updated information about Jeff.

Jeff was injured at Knoxville this past week during a race. He was transported to a local hospital in Iowa and remains there.

Brad posted an update on the Grove message board that Jeff has responded but is still sedated. They are waiting to see the extent of his head injuries. Please pray for Jeff, his family and friends who have been there by his side during this ordeal.

Racing is a dangerous sport just like many others….those that race are a special breed. The only thing I dont enjoy about racing is hearing about someone being injured — especially when you know them and their families personally. Along with your prayers, please consider a donation to your local Injured Drivers fund. In Pennsylvania, we have the York County Racing Club.

Remember, if you enjoy something….support it! 90% of those attending Lincoln Speedway this past Saturday night had racing t-shirts on….Instead of buying another t-shirt (argue all you want, I myself have 3 drawers of racing t’s) donate that money (usually $30 or so) to the local injured drivers fund. That way, you are supporting the drivers that brought you your weekend entertainment.

So, what do you think?