Somewhere around 1991-2 I was invited to my first pro-life march by my then-sister-in-law. At that time, I was personally pro-life, but thought if others wanted to have abortions, let them.

Michele led me to watch “The Silent Scream”. This movie brought out many emotions…the first was how wrong I was to think abortion was okay as long as it wasnt me having one.

The viewing of this movie was carried around with me from that moment on. If you click on the link in the title, you will be taken to the movie hosted on youtube. Its roughly 30 minutes long. Basically, it is the explanation of what an abortion is and does to an unborn fetus at 12 weeks. Not only does this video explain abortion, it shows the procedure via sonogram.

This was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I can no longer say that its okay to have this procedure done. Even the abortionist and feminist that participated in this movie have retracted their opinions on their pro-“choice” stances. The abortionist has not performed abortions since, and the feminist no longer supports choice.

I too, at one time thought nothing of someone I knew having an abortion early in their pregnancy. The earlier the better— After watching this 12 week old fetus suffering through what is called an “extinction” – trying to “get away” from the abortionist’s tools – I have since changed my mind.

Now, it has been more than a decade since I watched “The Silent Scream” and I still beleive that life begins at conception. There are many pro-life groups bringing the truth about what abortion really looks like, and while I don’t like the pictures on the billboards and signs, I can say that it definately gets the point across. Abortion IS ugly and disgusting. How else can you explain it but to show what happens at these abortion clinics?

I wonder how many women go into these clinics and are really told about what is about to happen. Are these women told that their aborted children will end up in plastic tubs in a dumpster? Are they told that the tools used dismember the fetus? If they were to really see what is going on, would they really have that abortion?

Pro-abortion advocates claim that its safe….and most politicians who are -what they like to be called – pro-choice claim that its a women’s right. However, I don’t like to call them choice advocates-because there is no choice….its murder, abortion. Let’s not be creative with our words -let’s call it what it is.

What I really don’t get, is that those who support abortions, get offended when you called them pro-abortion. I have always wondered why so. Is it because choice sounds better in a sound bite? If they beleive in the cause, why not call it what it is? If you are proud of what you beleive in, which most people are, then why walk on eggshells when you call it what is it?

I don’t hear any “choice” advocates saying they support killing unborn children. Isn’t that what it is? No, what you hear is – “We support a women’s right to choose” Choose what?