For those of you who are “Lost” theres a new ARG (Alternate Reality Game). Because I was a latecomer to the initial first 3 seasons, I missed two ARGs that ran during the series. I was able to catch up online-via the lost wiki and youtube.

For those that do participate or even lurk about the message boards, you will come to see many more connections than the show alluded to. I beleive this gives you a deeper perspective into the Lost universe. I would never have made some of the connections without gaining the knowledge found by playing the ARG.

Anyway, during the season finale of Lost a commercial for the Dharma Initiative ran. This is how the ARG was introduced. If you went to the DWY site and entered your address, you later received an email giving you additional information.

We were led to ComicCon. This is a convention of comic book / sci-fi type entertainment. Shows like Heroes and 24 were also there. You can go to fansites to view uploaded video of the panels where producers and the like were interviewed. No pun intended, but you can get Lost on these sites viewing videos!!

During ComicCon, Carlton & Damon entertained us with Lost answers and showed a video of who we have come to know as Dr Martin Candle….the scientist in the Orientation videos. As with most things on Lost, I cannot explain it simply and to do so would further confuse you, so I will not go into details about this film. This video, like the previous Orchid Station video, does not answer any questions, but raises them instead.

The Dharma Initiative had a booth in which they performed the reconstituted DI testing. Damon & Carlton both took tests which can be found on youtube. This past week the DWY website went live and anyone signed up received an email to take the test. New tests will arrive weekly.

I am not sure what will come of this…D&C stated that the ARG will last until the new season…but Im not sure how they will keep interest. I dont know what the actual pacing will be once the DWY site has completed their testing. You know I will be playing along though, even it takes reading the TailSection blog to remind me.

I think as I rewatch Lost on ABCs website, I will be reforming some theories and forming some additional ones. Before the season premiere Ill post my indepth theory that does have some ideas that other theories have touched upon, but thats only the beginning.