I have waiting patiently until Sunday to post this….well, maybe not patiently-but I’ve been waiting.

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I have looked at the videos on the following site and there are no spoilers in them.
For interviews associated with the X-Files movie: http://duchovny.net/index.php

Friday night I went to see the X-Files movie. I can tell you that I “floated” out of the theater!
Some minor spoilage – so, if you want to see the movie…stop reading now!

The plot of the movie has nothing to do with the mythology of the show, so if you never watched the series….you’ll be safe from having to know anything. The movie is more of a suspense-thriller rather than sci-fi – centering around a physic pedophile priest. Chris Carter stays with the X-File type case of mad scientists performing operations with stem cells.

Chris Connolly plays the pedophile priest trying to figure out the connection between him and his visions. While this type of character stirs up many controversies, Connolly plays him well, and the exchange between Gillian Anderson’s Scully character is brilliant dialogue. Since I am a big David Duchovny fan, I will steer away from gushing about how he fell back into playing Fox Mulder.

There are many homages to the loyal X-Files community. Anyone on the Fox message boards during the decade the show ran, and even now, can tell you the many threads of conversation on some of what this movie did address.

First and foremost….Mulder talked about William and his parentage. This was a huge topic of debate during the series. I am extremely glad to have this finally addressed.

Pencils in the ceiling – I know this really isn’t a big thing…but it does show you that Mulder still has old habits that are hard to break.

Sunflower seeds – As soon as I saw them I remembered “Bad Blood”. I certainly hope his tip never has to be used.

Cell phone contact list – Names of those associated with the series…the most obvious one is when Mulder is looking thru his contact list, he is on the G’s….Gillian’s name is scrolled thru.

Skinner! – Do I really need to say more? I actually laughed when he was assisting Mulder.

The pure shippiness!! As a long-time shipper, I was definately happy to see how Mulder and Scully’s relationship progressed. For those of you who do not know….a shipper is someone who watches a show and hopes for characters to get together.

Ever since Mulder put his arms around Scully to show her how to hold a bat, I have longed for them to be a couple. I thought I may have my wish during the “All Things” episode, (I swear this is the episode Scully got pregnant with William) and then poof! My hopes were up again once Scully had the baby and Fox visited her and they shared a kiss….however, the powers that be did not let that occur during the series, as he had to go back into hiding.

There are many varying opinions on this well-anticipated movie, all of us having our own. I enjoyed this movie on many different levels…and thank Chris Carter for all that he went thru legally to get this movie made for us.

During the interviews on Duchovny’s site, there is mention of a third movie that would center around the mythology of aliens taking over the earth. I could understand why an almost introductory movie now would be needed. As with anything in the entertainment industry, interest would have to generate and sales would have to go up for this to be a possibility for the fans who love the series.

I can almost say with certainty that we, the fans of the X-Files, definately have made a difference when it comes to the survivorability of this franchise. I hope that we continue to write expressing our desire to have Chris Carter give the fans a proper sci-fan mythology based answer to all the unanswered questions that arose during the series.