A 60 million dollar lawsuit has been filed by a gay man living in Michigan. He claims that the publisher (Zondervan) added the word homosexual to their versions of the Bible. He is also suing Thomas Nelson Publishing for 10 million dollars for the same thing.

The claim centers around the wording of 1 Corinthians 6:9 in which the word homosexual appears in later versions but not in a 1970’s version. Mr. Fowler, who brought this lawsuit forward, claims that this wording of the Bible caused many homosexuals to become distraught and made him an outcast to his family.

Mr. Fowler is also writing a book which he claims will expose the Bible’s hidden secrets that publishers have been trying to hide.

It should also be noted that Mr. Fowler is representing himself in both lawsuits.

I have read many different articles concerning this lawsuit. I am no Bible scholar, but I have read the Bible – and I am pretty sure that while the word homosexuality wasn’t in my version…I can say that the behavior is “an abomination to the Lord” (Leviticus 18:22)

While many behaviors are specifically mentioned in the Bible, our culture would rather do their own thing than live a life filled with the grace given to us by our Lord. While I am no saint, I know what is right and what is wrong….just because a law says its okay-doesn’t mean that it really is. Our country has passed many laws that go against what the Word of God says and it is hard to distinguish what is right for many people. The notion “if it feels good, do it” rules many lives.

We have come to a place in our history that perplexes me. We are allowing women to have abortions as a means of birth control, and 1/2 of our population think its ok! They beleive its their right to choose whether to keep a child or murder it. Modern day science has proven that life does begin at conception-just look at a sonogram at a developing fetus and you will see life….but because Roe V Wade changed the laws to make it legal to have an abortion, people now think it is a choice and forget about the unborn life.

The same woman who made Roe V Wade law across the USA, is now a pro-life advocate. She states that her abortion did damage her-both physically and emotionally, and she regrets her abortion. It took more than a decade for her to come and admit this, but many women have come forward and said they regretted their abortions. With the “explosion” of groups of women who aborted their children regretting the procedure, and being very vocal at pro-life events…I beleive that women will take notice and think twice before aborting.

In the USA, states are “fighting” for the right to allow same-sex marriages and changing their state constitutions to reword marriage and substitute civil unions. This is truly a sad state of affairs. The sanctity of marriage is being destroyed by our legislators and lobbyists.

Most of what is being lobbied for can be accomplished by a visit with an attorney. Those who are in serious relationships of all kinds can draft documents from power of attorney to living wills. Laws do not need to be changed to suit a small minority of people.

Marriage is for a man and a woman. It still takes both to pro-create. That should be the determining factor, NOT the excuse–you can’t help who you love…I remember reading that if you look at someone with lust in your heart, you have already sinned…this always perplexed me. Who hasn’t looked at someone and wanted to be with them? But, even if you are guilty of this, you DO NOT have to act upon it! When you marry someone before God or the state-you are supposed to be true to them. Now, many marriages fail because of adultery. This is simply because we aren’t truly practicing self-control.

Our culture has basically shoved sex in our faces. You can’t turn on the tv without seeing or hearing about sex. You do not see shows on tv anymore that encourage the nuclear family. Back in the 80’s there were many shows on that showed families-and those shows were successful. Now, the shows center around gay couples and divorced families. Even talk shows and court shows center around paternity tests because its the “norm” for many women to have so many partners, she has no clue who fathered her children. It is also now normal to have several children and they all have different fathers. How is this beneficial to our families?

I am not saying to discriminate ANY group of people, but you do not need to keep catering to the small minority. We need to get rid of useless laws (and there are many) just as we need to get rid of useless programs that waste our taxpayer’s money and then get back to morality. Allowing the “anything goes” mindset has not gotten our country anywhere but trouble.

Just remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah….because of the sin occuring.